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Unique art pieces on your clothes

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Limited numbered editions

As in some expressions of art, our hoodies have a limited edition where there will be only some reproductions. Each collection has a different limited amount to be released.

You will be have access to an exclusive design, a real piece of art to wear.

Be original, be comfy

exclusive hoodies

Buy one, Give one

For every hoodie or sweatpant that you buy, we will be donating a hoodie to a kid in need.

by Jade

I'm Jade, Founder of behoodies™. I was born in Argentina and in the middle of the pandemic I decided to move to LA where this project was born. I have always made art, in different ways, forms and shapes, art is my passion. I wanted to share with you my art pieces turned into a limited edition of clothing. The idea is to wear art, being comfortable and cool. Less structures, more art :)

Limited edition


I am very happy with my outfit. Really comfortable and good quality soft fabric.

- Lisa Johnson


OMG art + comfy clothes. I love this concept. Will definitely buy more.

- Joanna Murte


Very innovate concept. I would like more variety.

- Jake Miller