We wanted to show you the creation process of one of our collections and how the cloths is an art piece.

Flo by Jade, you can see this products here:

The clothing is inspired on her pottery. 

Jade inspired her self with the nature and the magnificence of it.
You can see the sketchers on her plate and the process until it is complete.
We think that this match on the clothes. Was the original pieces that we wear inspired to start this project. We wanted to wear this designs!

In pottery the times are slow, here it seams easy, but it takes a few days to have a final piece.
Putting apart the time that the artist put in making the idea and the drawing, the piece in it self takes time because first you need to do the plate (or any object) with clay. Then you need to wait until it is dry.
After that you polish the imperfections or the details for the final shape.
Only then you can start drawing on the plate. 
When the drawing is finish you need to cook the plate in high temperatures.
Once finished that process you need to put enamel on it and you cook it again.
And finally after a few days on the making process and a few hours in the oven you have you plate done!

We wanted to share with you the magic behind each of our product.
We will be uploading other process of the Art making, such a painting or an illustration. 

Hope you enjoy it (:

Behoodies team.