Designed in Los Angeles

My name is Jade, I am the founder of behoodies™, I spent 2020 thinking about many ideas, and deeply feeling what to do, how to do it, how could I merge everything that I love and express it to the world. And finally here I am.

I am a photographer, ceramist, illustrator and painter; all my life I've been surrounded by art in different forms and expressions and it's where I feel home.

I have always been passionate about finding ways to transform the different processes of the life into artistic expressions. I love that art pieces give you the possibility of being part of them and go through emotions and experiences while you connect in different ways, every time.

I am always fascinated on seeing the emotions that you feel through art. Even if it's a different feeling or idea from the one that the artist is trying to communicate. Art emotions are profound.

The last two years (2019&2020) I've been traveling and living in different places around the world. From Bali, Argentina, Italy, Thailand to Los Angeles, California.

With Ignacio, my significant other, we always say that the world is one. That is why we created a company based on art, which is a language without limits and that we all share.

For this same reason I put so much emphasis on generating sustainable processes where the environment and human beings prevail above all.

During the pandemic we lived in 3 different places in the world and all completely different from each other. We started in Bali, then Argentina and now we are in the California.

This global challenge that we all faced, brought lifestyle changes that we are all involved in. After wearing comfortable clothes and staying indoors everyday, we realized that we found it hard to wear a pair of stiff jeans or tight shirt when going out again. 

That's why I started this idea of being comfortable but fashionable. Comfy and artsy at the same time. Creating a different experience: wearing comfy art.

Hope you like it as much as I do, I'll recognize you on the streets with your behoodies (: